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NUPGE Scholarships to get an update

After more than 2 decades NUPGE’s scholarship program is getting an update. Our scholarships have moved online to

Ottawa (25 Jan 2021) — The National Union’s scholarship program is getting an update! Everyone interested in applying is encouraged to watch the website for the news.

“We have had a scholarship program for the children and grandchildren of our members for more than 2 decades now. The program has evolved over the years with the changing times. New scholarships and a substantial increase in the amount were some of the most recent changes,” said NUPGE President Larry Brown.

“However, the pandemic made us realize that many of the ways in which we offered and delivered the program needed to change. So, starting soon, there is going to be a new way to apply and, quite possibly, a few additional surprises.”

The National Union promises aspiring applicants that as soon as the updates are completed that it will be announced on our website. We won’t be contacting interested parties directly.