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1,200 BC college instructors to start bargaining

Members of the BCGEU and College Institute Educators’ Association (CIEA) college and institute bargaining teams met on February 7, 2004 in Vancouver to set their priorities for bargaining.

Vancouver (15 March 2004) - “With the college and institute’s instructor’s collective agreements set to expire at the end of March, our bargaining committee is looking forward to getting to the bargaining table with the hopes of successfully negotiating a new agreement.,” said Dan Bradford, chair of Component 7, the educational services component.

“We need to establish a provincial bargaining protocol with the employers as soon as possible.” Once that protocol is in place, weneed the employers to sit down and seriously negotiate a new agreement,” said Bradford.

Bargaining for instructors is done at common and local tables. Issues facing all institutions are dealt with at the common table; local issues at local tables. The Post Secondary Employers’ Association (PSEA) has been accredited as the employer’s bargaining agent and will sit down at the table with the BCGEU and CIEA. The BCGEU represents around 1,200 instructors at seven certifications around the province.